FLOTE - Air Bulb

$109.99 $139.99

Still working from home? Us too. Need a refresh? Sure you do. This classic, stylish levitating lamp rounds  out any WFH space, whether you’re in a skyscraper or a basement office. With a magnetic-floating design  that keeps it levitating above the base, your coworkers will think you’ve pulled off a magic trick.  

The classic, exposed-bulb design and levitating display draw from an industrial aesthetic while still looking minimalist and sleek. It looks equally at home next to a copy of the Times or by your double-screen monitor. The magnetic light adds a warm glow to any space it’s in, making working (or living!) from home that much more enjoyable.  

We love surprising and delighting friends, family, and clients with the Air Bulb. Its classic design means  it’ll look great in anyone’s home or home office, and it comes lovingly packaged and with directions for  an easy set-up. It will be well-loved by anyone who appreciates cool lamps!


  • Power input: 12V2A, CE certified power cord
  • Bulb size: 7 cm x 7cm x 13cm / 2.76 in x 2.76in x 5.12in 
  • Baseplate size: 12 cm x 12 cm x 2.5 cm / 4.7 in x 4.7 in x 1 in 
  • Functions: magnetic suspension, wireless conduction, touch control